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Christophe Géral & Sons

His work : 
Christophe Géral was photojournalist, then editorial director international news agency based in Paris from 1987 to 2000.
In 2001, he created his own structure EFIS prod and he began a collaboration with the group Métropole TV (M6 TV,RTL...).
EFIS Prod was responsible for the communication of production and realization of photographs related to M6 programs (Loft, Pop Star, Bachelor, Pékin Express...). At the same time , he made five " beautiful books " in collaboration with Hachette Publishing and La Martiniere . The last "On the Road 66" , prefaced by Philippe Labro is a best seller published in French, English and German.

After nearly 30 years of travels and stories around the world, he decided to return to Hautefort, his hometown , to take over the family restaurant and bar. His experience of travel , meetings and communication should enable it to create a unique and friendly place.

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